Certificate Tracking and Review

You have hundreds of contracts with hundreds of vendors, but it only takes one claim and one out of compliance vendor, to expose your your organization to millions of dollars in damages. To protect yourself, subcontractor insurance certificates must be managed and monitored. Instead of using valuable staff time to do this work, consider outsourcing these duties at 1/3 of the cost while meeting your participation goals and objectives.

I'm pleased to inform you that The Jenkins Agency has invested in cutting edge proprietary software that will reduce your cost and increase compliance.

We create a risk profile for each contractor
We check additional insured status
We review primary language, waiver of subrogation and liability limits
We track certificate deficiencies.
We verify the accuracy of any and all certificates
We keep viewable logs documenting all vendor communications
We notify all interested party if COI's  has expired.
We provide monthly reports of COI’s compliance sorted by job number and project name
We provide each vendor with a user ID’s and password
We can create a web portal for each vendors to submit documents themselves
We send certificate requests to new vendors or automate renewal notices to current vendors
We track and maintain contractual compliance and claims subrogation

Use our 17 of experience and DBE status to manage your insurance needs. Please contact us for more information. We look forward to working with you.

   Jeff S. Jenkins. CEO
The Jenkins Agency Inc.
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