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Please consider using this portal for your service needs. Messages and request that come to office via this portal are not delivered through regular email, meaning they get special attention and are put on a fast track for service. Using this service portal allows us to produce detailed report which we review weekly to ensure no request was overlooked. 

There are some request that require your signature. Those documents will be sent to you via DocuSign.

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What is a Certificate of Insurance, and why am I being asked to present one?

The Certificate of Insurance provides a summary of information about an insurance policy. It includes information about your insurance limits, carrier information, policy numbers, effective and expiration dates of your policy. Often times, business owners are required, by a contract, to carry certain types of coverage. We will every step necessary to make sure in compliance. 

What is a Certificate Holder?

There may be times when a third the party asked that their name or business name be added to your Certificate as a Certificate Holder.This is a common request. It is important to note, however, that Certificate Holders do not have any legal rights under a Certificate, which merely establishes that an insurance policy exists. The Certificate Holder will enjoy protection under a policy only if the policy is endorsed and he or she is named as an Additional Insured. For this type of request, we need the certificate holders name, address, phone number and email address. An addition charge may apply.

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